Watch Dr. Amer Ghavanini and Dr. Amanda Fiander explain why
you should participate in Process for Progress in ALS
Receive a comprehensive snapshot of your patients

Identify patients at elevated risk of ALS who require further investigation

Provide patients with increased opportunity for earlier diagnosis and treatment that is
likely to have the largest benefits for quality of life
To participate in this program,
you must be using one of the
following supported EMR systems:
  • Accuro
  • Oscar Pro
  • IndiviCare
  • Healthquest
  • iClinic
  • Telus

Am I eligible?

Meet the Steering Committee

What’s our objective?

We want to help you identify patients who present multiple red flags for ALS, so that they can receive expedited follow-ups, diagnoses, and ultimately treatment for those who need it.

Early diagnosis and treatment of ALS can improve outcomes, but the disease can be difficult to diagnose in its early stages. The more time passes, the more patients miss out on disease-management opportunities that can enhance their quality of life.

By joining this initiative...
A clinical algorithm would be applied to your de-identified EMR data by Ensho Health, our trusted partner and expert developer of digital diagnostic solutions. Ensho’s algorithm has been proven to identify patients with an elevated risk of ALS and can highlight which ones require further follow-up. By joining this initiative, you can intervene in patients’ journeys sooner – a worthwhile prospect indeed.

This quality improvement initiative has been reviewed and approved by an independent ethics review board.


Ensho Health is a Canadian digital healthcare services company that provides on-demand analysis of health information to match patients with clinical trials, build better real-world evidence and accelerate rare disease diagnosis and treatment.

This initiative is supported by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma.

EOCI is the organizing committee and medical education partner for this initiative.